Improv in Portland

Improv comedy, like all good and true things, is thriving in Portland, Oregon. Here is a semi-exhaustive collection of where you can see and/or get-all-up-in-that and/or learn improvisational comedy in our town.


Curious Comedy Theater
The mission of Curious Comedy Theater is to improve the lives of kids, adults, and seniors through the art of comedy. We intend to achieve our mission through:

Quality Comedy Programming – strive for the best, most consistent programs possible.
Fostering Community – build strong, supportive, healthy relationships within the theater, in the comedy community, as well as in the greater Portland community and beyond.
Unique and Courageous Approach – take risks and push boundaries in all aspects of our work and in the growth and development of our organization.

Exciting Items of Note:
Home to the Curious Comedy Players
Cagematch improv with ‘Friday Night Fights’
Improvised musicals with ‘Pipes’
The best improv “open mic” in town: ‘Open Court’

Brody Theater
The Brody’s double focus–on entertainment and experiment–marks it as a showcase for both audience-pleasing performances and cutting edge theatrical presentation.

Exciting Items of Note:
Home to the Brody Theater Ensemble
Incredible range of shows such as ‘Script Tease’ and ‘Odd Couples’
Standup/Improv mashup with ‘7 on 7’
The best All Pro Veteran Improv Jam known as ‘Diabolical Experiments’

CSz Portland
ComedySportz is fast-paced, hilarious and clean improv comedy. Now in our 23rd season (over 1180 straight weekends of shows), we are Portland’s longest-running show.

We haven’t missed a weekend since May of 1993. Really.

Exciting Items of Note:
Home to the longest running improv show in Portland. Boom.
Improv groups from all over the city come together at ‘The Invite’
Business Training, Special Events, ‘Puppetz vs People’…you name it, they do it

Kickstand Comedy Space
Kickstand Comedy is a performer run comedy space located on the second floor of the Siren Theater. Kickstand’s mission is to supply the Portland comedy scene with a performer run space and scene hub to experiment, collaborate, perform, and practice. Kickstand Comedy is a hate-free all-ages venue with beverage and concessions.

+ Performer run comedy space
+ Humor incubator for all forms of comedy
+ Performance space, Community Hub, and Comedy Gym
+ Portland’s Weekday Indie Comedy Mecca

Exciting Items of Note:
Home to the amazing indie improv showcase, ‘The Velodrome’
Kick out your improv jams at the ‘MixTape JAM’

The Siren Theater
Portland’s sassiest ‘n’ brassiest theater dedicated to only the finest comedy productions. Shelley McLendon has created a space that now serves as the headquarters for smart and innovative comedy of all stripes, especially comedy of the improv variety. Go there now, so you can say you were there then.

Exciting Items of Note:
Home to Portland improv superstars, ‘The Liberators’
The monster of all improv shows, ‘Leviathan’



Three Buck Yucks (the brody theater)

The Velodrome (kickstand)
MixTape JAM (kickstand)

Open Court (curious comedy)
Thursday Night Throwdown (curious comedy)
Odd Couples (brody theater)

Friday Night Fights (curious comedy)
Curious Comedy Showdown (curious comedy)
Hive Five (brody theater)

Curious Comedy Showdown (curious comedy)
Saturday Night Summit (curious comedy)

Sunday School (curious comedy)
Diabolical Experiments (the brody theater)

Peachy Chicken’s First Friday Improvisational (peachy chicken)
Leviathan (siren theater)
The Invite (CSz portland)



Curious Comedy Training Center
The Brody Theater School
CSz 101
The Liberators Training Center
Kickstand Comedy Space