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Portland Monthly
Editor’s Pick: The Stumptown Improv Festival

How the Small-But-Mighty Stumptown Improv Festival Powers Up Portland Comedy

Editor’s Pick: The Stumptown Improv Festival

The Books, Albums, and Moments that Defined Portland Culture in 2015

Six Acts We’re Excited to See at the 2015 Stumptown Improv Festival

Portland Mercury
Stumptown Improv Festival, Day One: Bloody Marys, Bigfoot, and Ghost Stories with Jed Arkley

Stumptown Improv Festival, Day Two: Curious Comedy, the Right Now, and HVAC Snakes!

Stumptown Improv Festival, Day Three: Big Bang, Border Disputes, and Introducing the Imports

Day One at the Stumptown Improv Fest

Day Two at the Stumptown Improv Fest: Sunday Service’s Pit Crew, Tunnel’s Take on Aggressively Nude Children, and More

Day Three at the Stumptown Improv Fest: Holy Shit, North Coast and Suzette Finally Meets King Quince

Day Three: Even More Stumptown Improv Fest

The Stumptown Improv Festival Returns

Portland’s Improv and Sketch Comedy Scenes Are on the Verge of Something Big

Things to Do This Week (Featured Listing)!

The Triumphant Return of the Stumptown Improv Festival

Stumptown Improv Festival: Night One!

Highlights for the Stumptown Improv Festival: Nights Two & Three!

“Unless you’re too cool for improv or something, which no one is.”

Thoughts on The Stumptown Improv Fest

Comedy’s Endless Boom: Stand-up Blew Up, Now It’s Improv’s Turn

“You are adults of the world; at some point, you must take responsibility for your own entertainment”

Portland’s Newest Comedy Festival: The Stumptown Improv Fest

More Details on the new Stumptown Improv Fest!

PQ Monthly
Stumptown Comedy Festival Turns Three

The Oregonian
With Stumptown Improv Festival, improv claims place in local comedy landscape

How to make Portland a mecca of improv: The 2014 Stumptown Improv Festival (video & article)

Stumptown Improv Fest a First for Portland

Willamette Week
Portland Improv is Banging and Burning

OPB: State of Wonder
The Stumptown Improv Festival!

Portland Theatre Scene
The Stumptown Improv Festival Hits Town

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