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We are a Portland-based improv group that mixes the unique experiences of our audience with narrative, relationship, and the unexpected to create a show that is always surprising and new. Sometimes we ask you questions. Sometimes you ask us questions. Every time we'll discover something that explores humor, humanity, and truth. Read More

A former iOWest Harold team turned indie darlings, Linoleum City is a fast paced, way too touchy team of veteran improvisors. Watching them play you will learn at least this one thing: it's hard not to enjoy people having a blast on stage. Read More

Battle Ax is a mainstage team from Curious Comedy in Portland, Oregon that explores three wildly different and hilarious storylines caused by one single choice from a character. Battle Ax is comprised of Hallie Zmroczek, Nate Smith, Nick Condon, Kyle Stebbins, Jenny Criglar, Katherine Bagwell, DK Reinemer, and Craig McCarthy. Read More



Best friends, total babes, and improvisers Amie Roe and Kristen Schier perform an organic and fluid improv comedy show that’s been featured in theater festivals throughout the United States and Canada (eh!). These West Philadelphia natives deliver improvised comedy that is part best girlfriend, part social commentary, and mostly id. Read More

If you make a list of some of the best improvisors in Portland, it just so happens that quite a few of the names on that list are J Names. Why did these "J" folk all decide to reside in Portland? Was there something in the air that drew them together? Is there a "J" in improv? Who knows. But they've taken this magic and are bringing it straight to you. Read More

Forward Slash is whiz-bang, be-kind-rewind improv comedy from Portland, Oregon, piped straight in from the dirty heads of your Sanyo VCR! In their format, the audience controls time, sending characters forward or backward at their whim. How far will they go in either direction? Nobody knows! Forward Slash is comprised of Nate Smith, Kyle Stebbins, and all of the people who are watching Nate Smith and Kyle Stebbins. Read More



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Boston style free-form that has been wowing New England audiences and at festivals around the world for years. The entire set moves seamlessly from one scene to the next at the rate of over a scene a minute all following the group play philosophy of "follow the funny". The show builds rapidly and culminates in a series of surprising and organic callbacks done through the unique editing styling and story telling of this Boston super-team. This is a high-energy improv experience that redefines itself with every performance. Read More

The Mess are Rita Boersma, Mike Fotis, Eric Knobel, Michael Richie, James Rone, and Jake Scott.  Veterans of the Minneapolis improv scene, The Mess are known for their fast-paced, chaotic, and irreverent shows, which they perform weekly at HUGE Theater in Minneapolis. Established in 2014, The Mess have performed at the Twin Cities Improv Festival and are thrilled to be returning to the Stumptown Improv Festival. The Mess has received a few reviews, all of them pretty positive, but none of them as accurate as what this reviewer wrote - "I'm not entirely clear on the rules of the game, but it seems to have something to do with the dimming of the lights, or someone new walking into the scene. " Read More



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North Coast, New York City’s premier hip-hop improv team, has long been known for their seamless melding of freestyle rapping and long form improv comedy. But in the heat of Lin Manuel’s smash Broadway hit Hamilton, people have been going f****** bonkers for historical raps. We hear you loud and clear.

Join North Coast as the team takes your favorite historical figure and performs a full, factually-accurate improv set to satisfy your hunger for hip-hop history. Nikola Tesla? Bawse. Ida B. Wells? Flawless. Louisa May Alcott? Mic drop. Read More

Kerry Leek and Noah Goldenberg are an Aunt/Nephew team who use their close relationship to anchor their scene work in emotions and relationships, all while having a ton of fun. Although they first appeared together on stage in a production of Midsummer Night’s Dream 10 years ago (they were both fairies), they formed Nepotism less than a year ago. It finally occurred to them that improvising together might be a really great idea. Read More


10:00PM SHOW

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PREACH! is an explosive combination of spoken word and long-form improvisation. Established in 2016 and based in Chicago, Illinois, PREACH! aims to challenge apathy and promote love and positivity through their work. PREACH! has been featured in the Chicago Reader as a "Must See" group. They have performed at the Second City Diversity in Comedy Festival, Black and Funny Fest (Minneapolis), the Chicago Fringe Festival, the Chicago Improv Festival, the Detroit Improv Festival and more. Read More

Last year was the inaugural year of the Local Ensemble and, if you've heard the stories of their shows, you know the ensemble made magic, brought folks to tears, and convinced us all that beauty and laughter still exist in the world. So, we're bringing it back. Directed by Philadelphia's own Kristen Schier! Read More



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TwoSon is a sketch and improv duo. As an improv duo, they have performed at the Detroit Improv Festival, District Improv Festival (Washington, D.C.), Big City Improv Festival (Toronto), Mprov (Montreal), Improvaganza (Edmonton), and the Vancouver International Improv Festival, where they were also members of the International Ensemble. TwoSon has performed at sketch comedy festivals in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Seattle. Devon and Jackie are also both members of the group Pantsuit, which creates original narrative formats such as "The Magic-er School Bus", "Rorschach", and "Pantsuit Presents: What Happened". Read More

Irreverent, absurd, and mostly inappropriate, CAMP features Puget Sound gay improvisers Andrew Weiss, Britney Barber, Graham Downing, Kinzie Shaw, and Mandy Price. Tapping into their queer cosmic connectedness, they mount an unpredictable throbbing attack on your quivering sensibilities with a penetrating and twisted stream of consciousness, dragging your mind through an unparalleled experience that will never wash off.  Unicorns sold separately. Read More



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Formed by Bob Dassie in the late 20th century, Quartet has had several incarnations and ensemble members over the last 20 years in Chicago and Los Angeles, all of which have focused on slow and patient, relationship and character-driven improvisational comedy, usually (but not always) featuring 4 people! The Quartet visiting Portland for Stumptown ’18 will be Jean Villepique (A.P. Bio/30 Rock/Sharp Objects), Craig Cackowski (Drunk History/Community/Veep), Bob Dassie (Carpet Brothers/Weirdass/Dasariski) and Carla Cackowski (The Second City LA/Orange Tuxedo). Read More

A festival salad of seasoned improvisers composed of our guests from the happy villages up and down I-5. Tossed together for one show only. Also, there may be some croutons.


10:00PM SHOW

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Whether doing improv inspired from a guest monologist, or simply creating a series of scenes that may or may not connect, White Women delivers a show filled with infectious energy, physicality, and bold choices. If you sleep on them, they'll do a backflip on your mattress. Read More

A festival salad of seasoned improvisers composed of our guests from the lands to the East. Tossed together for one show only. Also, there may be some croutons.

SunDAY AUGust 12 @ curious comedy theater


With their seamless melding of comedic timing and freestyle rapping abilities, North Coast frequently blurs the line between comedy show and concert, drawing audiences from the comedy, hip-hop, and theater communities for an experience that has been hailed as “mind-blowing” and “next level” by critics and audiences alike. Read More

Entering its 12th season of sold-out shows and big-time laughs, Impulse brings high energy, quick thinking, and general mayhem to the stage every night. Impulse is part of the Young Professionals Company at Oregon Children's Theatre. Read More