"The Stumptown Improv Festival is one of Portland’s best comedy festivals (maybe the best, but we don’t compare Hattori Hanzō swords)."
The Portland Mercury

The Stumptown Improv Festival’s first five years have been almost too much. We’ve sold out more shows than you can shake a stick at. We’ve attracted some of the most well-regarded improv groups performing today from LA, NYC, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, BC, Minneapolis, and, of course, Portland. Performers who are vets on the festival scene have raved that “this is one of the best festivals we’ve ever been a part of”. We’ve offered huge gift bags to our comedians and gave people quince brandy. We are OUT OF CONTROL.

A shout-out to festival co-founders Leon AndersonJed Arkley, and Erin Jean O’Regan.
Three times as sweet, three times as sassy.


Leon Anderson is a co-founder and producer of The Stumptown Improv Festival. He is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory in Los Angeles. In addition to being a main stage performer at Curious Comedy Theater, Leon is a member of numerous independent improv groups, such as Whiskey TangoBlack By Popular Demand, and, most recently, Broke Gravy. He has performed both individually and with groups at festivals around North America, including Rapid Fire Theatre’s Improvaganza, San Francisco Sketchfest, and Vancouver International Improv Festival. Leon is also a stage and screen actor, as well as an Engineer and Product Manager, earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The University of Southern California.



Jed Arkley is a co-founder and producer of The Stumptown Improv Festival. His 20-year improv career includes performing and directing in Providence, RI, Seattle, and Portland. Jed is a member of improv group J Names, who regularly perform and headline at festivals around the country (SF Sketchfest, Out of Bounds-Austin, Del Close Marathon-NYC, Vancouver International Improv Festival). He’s also performs onstage using memorized lines: frequently doing comedy with The Siren Theater (‘Wade Garrett’ in Road House: The Play!, ‘Rudolph’ in Rudolph: On Stage!) and doing serious-edy in The Mermaid Hour at Milagro Theatre. Jed was a featured panelist for the City Club of Portland’s forum on ‘The State of Portland Comedy’. And he’s been on numerous commercials looking sketchy and/or spokesperson-y. When not onstage, Jed works for Portland Parks and Rec and produces all those free movies and concerts in the park each summer. YOU'RE WELCOME. Oh. Check out jedarkley.com too.



Erin Jean O’Regan is a co-founder and producer of The Stumptown Improv Festival. In addition to years of experience as an improviser, she’s also known to dazzle audiences with her comedic sketches and other stage performances. Have you seen her on stage at The Siren Theater hosting Speechless, a monthly competitive improv powerpoint show? Or maybe you recognize her energy and tone from her Thorns FC blog in The Mercury's BlogTown? It’s also possible you recall her curls bouncing around one of the six after-school arts programs that she manages as her “day job”, Assistant Director at Art4Life. She's a busy lady, but she always makes time for making fun!