Fistful of kicks

Fistful of Kicks features Vancouver's funniest Asian-Northern improvisers creating an entire anime-inspired story on the spot from a single suggestion. This show weaves together spectacular storytelling skills, our amazingly talented cast, and, most importantly, wild stage combat action to create a show truly unlike any other. Their current form explores the mecha anime genre, where our performers will make giant robots fight it out on stage for your entertainment, just because they can! If you're an anime fan, or you've never seen anime in your life, you're going to have an awesome time at this show. Fistful of Kicks is one half comedy, one half epic storytelling, one half kick-assery, for three halves of amazing show that you won't want to miss.

With the support of Instant Theatre, Fistful of Kicks has been highlighting top Asian improvisers in Vancouver, North since 2016 and can be seen kicking ass (literally) on stage at the Havana Theatre every month. This show started out initially as a Kung Fu/Martial Arts genre show, which brought together a wide array of Asian storytelling, folklore, and culture together in a improv comedy setting. Since then, Fistful of Kicks has been playing with the anime genre, creating larger than life characters, stories, and, more recently, fighting robots. Fistful of Kicks has performed at the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, the Austin Improvised Play Festival, and the Vancouver International Improv Festival, and is super stoked to perform at Stumptown!

Friday, August 9, 7:00pm

Facebook: @fistfulofkicks