Linoleum City

Linoleum City was originally formed by the IO West Harold Commission as an experiment in casting - and it paid off in spades. LC is a tight-knit team that moves quickly through intricately-built worlds, explores every idea, fleshes out every character, and harbors a very deep love of the movie Big Trouble in Little China. LC is utterly charming and quickly developed a fan following, both at IO West and on the indie scene. In fact, when IO West was forced to close its doors suddenly after 25 years of comedy in LA, Linoleum City was asked to be the last Harold Team to perform on the Mainstage, even though they were the newest Harold Team on the roster.

After IO, LC quickly found permanent homes at Acme Theater in North Hollywood and The Clubhouse Theater in Los Feliz, where they host a bi-monthly show called “Big Trouble in Linoleum City” (we said they love that movie).

Thursday, August 8, 9:30pm

Facebook: @linoleumcity
Instagram: @linoleum_city