Kerry Leek (Portland, OR) and Noah Goldenberg (Phoenix, AZ) are an aunt and nephew duo who have been playing together for almost two years. Their first time on stage together was in a 2008 production of Midsummer Night’s Dream in which they both played fairies. They are always so happy to be able to play together, and are deeply honored to be in the 2019 Stumptown Improv Festival.

Kerry Leek was a founding member of the Brody Theater, and played there for 22 years. She has been an improv teacher for 16 years, and currently teaches at Portland Community College. She is the director and a member of the long-running group Broad Selection. She also plays frequently at the Secret Aardvark show at Kickstand Comedy and with her newest team The Narrows. She has participated in festivals all around the world including Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Kansas City, Chicago, Amsterdam, and Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is very pleased to return to the Stumptown Improv Festival for her sixth year.

Noah Goldenberg has studied and performed improv in Portland, OR, Vancouver, BC, and Phoenix, AZ. In addition to his work with Nepotism, Noah is a house team member at the Torch Theater and a member of Kickstand Comedy’s “The CVLT”. He has performed in festivals in Portland, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, and Vancouver. He is absolutely thrilled to be back for his second year at the Stumptown Improv Festival.

Thursday, August 8, 7:30pm

Facebook: @nepotismimprov
Instagram: @nepotismimprov