Pillow Talk

"What's a secret you've never told anyone?" From this opening question, each Pillow Talk set features intimacy, emotional availability, and some good-old-fashioned oversharing.

For Matt Lask and Tyler Quinn, seasoned Portland improvisers, self-proclaimed sensitive boys, and real-life best friends, oversharing comes naturally. “We're not in it to make fun of each other or to go for the cheap joke — although we do make jokes,” says Lask. “We're interested in making connections, building energy, and finding what’s funny about our emotions.”

After Pillow Talk gets a secret from the audience, they dive into a set of characters, weaving together storylines and psyches to create a complex world. At any point in a scene, either player can call on the other's character to "Pillow Talk.” This elicits a chorus of echoing whispers from the audience and prompts that character to disclose an inner monologue.

 “We both have a lot of feelings,” says Quinn, “and we’re in this cultural moment where many men don’t talk about their emotions. Pillow Talk is an antidote to that. It’s two guys admitting, sharing, and processing their feelings on stage.”

Thursday, August 8, 9:30pm

Instagram: @pillow_talk_improv