Switchie!, with Rebecca Sohn and Jean Villepique, is an improvised surprise! Using a totally organic format, unusual editing and improvised music woven throughout, these two magically create many different worlds to celebrate the audience’s suggestion. Jean and Rebecca have been improvising and teaching together for fifteen years, and both use a variety 
of skills to create a unique improv experience. Sometimes there are moments of drama.  Sometimes there
are silent scenes.  Every time, things switch up, just when you least expect!

Jean Villepique and Rebecca Sohn have been performing together since they met in Chicago at The Second City. They traveled to several festivals with their friend Deb Downing as Switchboard and (due to great distances and life shifts) have since evolved into this two-person show, Switchie, which echoes the organic, musical elements from the original trio.

Both Rebecca and Jean live in Los Angeles where they perform, teach and often inspire each other with deep friendship…ew, just kidding, well, mostly.

Saturday, August 10, 8:30pm