switch it up

W/Jean Villepique and Rebecca sohn (Switchie!)

Make more strong, surprising choices from a place of truth. Connect with yourself, your partner, and the scene immediately. Jean and Rebecca will use the exercises that made Switchboard and Four Square (Dan Bakkedahl, Peter Grosz, John Lutz, and Rob Janas) really shine. You won’t talk so much, but you will move so much. You will get out of the thinking part of your brain and into the playful part by letting go and exploring the stuff we forget to practice (organic stuff—movement stuff— character stuff). This workshop will help you find and express your voice, which will help you be more efficient as an improviser: showing, not telling. Scenes will take root and grow up and out at the same time (scenes are trees now).

Saturday, August 10, 10:00am
Curious Comedy Theatre-Main Stage

your teachers

Jean Villepique.jpg

Jean Villepique studied theater at Northwestern University, performing in the improv group The Mee-Ow Show for four years.  Following that, she moved to Chicago and studied with Del Close at the iO and then toured and performed on three resident stages for The Second City.  She has performed and taught at The Magnet Theater in New York and now has a weekly show, Soundtrack, at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. TV and film credits include: AP Bio, Sharp Objects, Better Call Saul, The Office and 30 Rock.

Rebecca Sohn has been improvising forever! Not forever, since 1987. BATS, Annoyance, SC, iO, so many festivals and cities. In all that time, she’s played with amazing talents, wonderful people, in stupendous locations doing unique, creative and cool forms. Switchboard is her favorite. She really loves playing with her friend, Jean. Jean’s the best. Seriously, you should meet her. She also really misses playing with her friend, Deb. Deb is also the best. How can two people be the best? Ionno.