tears in the tar

Remind yourself of the roof tarring scene in The Shawshank Redemption. The blood, sweat & tears that went into tarring that roof; a pivotal moment of that character Andy Dufresne, taking a risk; a moment of trusting and asking for trust. This is what Tears in the Tar is as a improv group. Tears are the largest emotions of joy and despair, our toil and hard work as an expression of humanity being tossed in the Tar. Which is the world, life itself. An all-consuming and unforgiving sufferable mass that is enduring and seemingly permanent, but inevitably, despite all its rigidity will fade away as well. When tears fall into the tar, when we put it all on the line, it’s the stuff of Life. It is our brief moment in the sun to express our stories, our humanity, and in our case…our improv.

Friday, August 9, 8:30pm